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Depending on the type of certificate, a “SPLUMA” certificate is typically issued upon consideration of the following aspects by a municipality:

  1. That all the requirements and conditions of approval associated with a land development application have been met – for example the payment of development charges and/or engineering services contributions and/or infrastructure upgrades.

  2. That the use of the property is in accordance with the municipality’s land use / zoning scheme.

  3. That approved buildings plans that accord with and reflect the as-built status of the property are in place for all buildings (including swimming pool and lapa).

  4. That no encroachment of building lines/ building restriction areas or property boundaries are applicable.

  5. That all development charges and/or engineering services contributions due are paid up.

  6. That all rates and taxes due are paid up to date.

What does a “SPLUMA” certificate typically certify?: News
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