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Flowing from the provisions of Section 53 of the SPLUMA, a “SPLUMA” certificate is required for any property resulting from a land development application, in terms of the relevant provisions of a municipality’s LUM By-Law. By application, this is typically applicable under the following circumstances / conditions:

  1. a New Erf in a new township;

  2. a New Erf resulting from the subdivision of an existing erf within an existing township;

  3. a New Erf resulting from the consolidation of two or more existing erven within an existing township; and​

  4. the registration of a sectional title scheme on any property.

On the back of Section 53, numerous municipalities LUM By-Laws now also contain provisions that require additional consents / permissions (and associated certificates to be issued) for matters relating to the registration and/or cancellation of servitudes for example, as well as the promulgation of amended zoning rights.

When is a “SPLUMA” certificate required?: News
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